1.5LB Sampler Pack


1.5LB Sampler Pack

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Sample pack includes: 3 1/2LB bags. (a few bags for you and few to share with friends and family!)

100% organic. 100% arabica. We invite you to try Leila's coffee and experience the unique flavors of Santa Marta de Sierra Nevada.

Grown for 8 months using a two-tier shade system in the Colombian rainforest at altitudes of 4,000ft

Hand harvested and sun-dried, the coffee then completes five passes of hand-sorting to ensure only the best beans go to roast

Small batch roasted by William, a member of the Aruaco tribe, and founder of BioSierra roasters in Santa Marta

Hints of tropical grapefruit and soft anise with subtle notes of dark chocolate throughout

Fruity, aromatic, and surprisingly complex

This is the first time Leila's coffee and this type of roast have ever been available in the US

Producto de Colombia

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*Please note that certain stages of the coffee process may vary due to climate conditions on the mountain during each harvest. This video does, however, accurately represent the typical process that our farm partners use to hand select and process ripe coffee cherries into beans, ready for roasting. 

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